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Radzymin Master Map

This map was the basis for missions 1-5 of the German campaign released with CM: Red Thunder.

This map was so large and memory intensive that the maximum map size was scaled back. (It is worth noting I was not able to open this map when complete in the 3d preview, as it caused a CTD.

However the map can be loaded into the editor and reduced in size until it accords with the game maximum size requirement.

These are as follows

  1. Max total surface area = 18.045km2 (approx. 4248m x 4248m)
  2. No one side longer than approx’ 8000m (8k)
  3. No ratio between length and width in excess of 10:1

In the zip file I have also included the extract of the topo’ map used as the editor overlay, together with a composite screen shot of the map in the editor (the screen shot is of the not quite completed map, but the map itself is complete).Pete Wenman

Icon of Rad-Full-2 Rad-Full-2 (8.9 MiB)



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