CMSF2 Coup D’etat

The player leads a small under equipped rebel force in an early morning (0400hrs) coup attempt to overthrow the governing regime.  It is set in the fictional third world country of Abbudin and takes place in heavy urban terrain. 

The scenario has a variable end time.  The optimal scenario length is two hours and 15 minutes however it can be played to four hours at the cost of 200 Victory Points.  It requires all the CMSF2 modules to play since it features US Marines (guarding a US Consulate & amphibious force), a British SF unit (hunting for WMDs) and Canadian advisors (assisting the local city police).

The scenario provides in game intelligence to help guide the decision-making process along with a modified military grid system and an intelligence code. 

The player can use IEDs, VBIEDs, assassinations, bribery, mercenary units, radio propaganda, extra scenario time and foreign assistance.  As the Coup d’etat progresses the player must decide which methods to use and when.  All the methods have advantages and disadvantages.  Some methods cost Victory Points (VPs).  Four VPs for each mercenary, 25 VPs per IED explosion, 50 VPs per VBIED explosion, 100VPs to bribe a regime commander to withdraw his unit, 200 VPs to fight until 0800hrs etc.  After 0600 hours the player can choose to use a USMC amphibious force.  This force includes the USS Wasp, USS Ticonderoga and USS Oak Ridge.  This overt outside military intervention will trigger a backlash in the streets of the city………  

Some methods are triggered by activity on the battlefield.  Capturing the Air Defense HQ will cause the regime’s AAA units to exit the city allowing the player the unhindered use of a foreign UAV and allow rebel aircraft to conduct bomb runs in the city.  Following up on intelligence leads and locating WMD evidence will earn 100 VPs and will trigger the release of a British SF unit to the player’s control.  A Rebel propaganda broadcast from WTF Radio station will trigger a unit to join the rebels.  Restore democracy by returning the 20 surviving aldermen (10 of whom are in prison) to the city council building and deny the regime 200 VPs etc.

The player’s HQ team also has a 100 VP bounty on its head.  To keep the regime from collecting the 100 VPs the HQ team will need to request asylum inside the US Consulate (BluFor exit zone) prior to the end of the scenario.

What methods you decide to use to overthrow the regime (ambushes, street fighting, bribery, assassination, IEDs, VBIEDs, mercenary units, HUMINT, radio propaganda & overt outside military intervention) is up to you commander.  The general idea is to use some combination of these methods to increase the rebel combat power and control at the expense of the regime until the rebels control the city.  Your taxi and the fate of the city awaits………..

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Link for the needed [squalor] mod

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5 thoughts on “CMSF2 Coup D’etat

  1. So, before I even play this…THANKS for providing links for the mods on this page…nice to have a 1 stop shop.

  2. This is one of the best Scenarios in CMSF2. I have played this several times using different units, rooting out the enemy in a city is difficult. Thanks for the challenge.

  3. The download link does nothing when I click it. Is this a known issue? I would love to play this scenario.

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