Stepsons of Jihad Campaign

***Transferred from the Repository – CMSF British Forces Required***

Syrian Campaign «Stepsons of Jihad»,15 Battles, VERY HARD

It is 24 July 2008. International imperialism began its aggression against our beloved Syria. The geopolitical confrontation between radical Islamists and the world of American global system made another turn. At this time our Syria was the victim of political intrigues. Using the confusion after the recent terrorist attacks and the rhetoric of the new Syrian government, a country the United States and the Allies began a war against Syria Our Syrian forces – Battle Group of 58th Armor BDE of 7th mechanized division defended in a battle order front at West on the desert area near of Al-Qaryatayn town in the Syrian center part.

By Alek

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  1. Great campaign, allows to take the perspective of an commander that fights for an Propaganda victory rather than true military victory. Lets you imagine how it have felt for an lets say Iraqi commander loosing his complete Forces to a better trained foe and to superior equipment. You´re the Underdog in this campaign and higher command asks you too sacrifice men in order to achieve casualties on the enemy in order to force negative publicity on him. Complete different mindset you have to use to aproach this campaign.

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