Warriors in the Sands Campaign

***Transferred from the Repository – CMSF British Forces Required***

The Invasion of Syria is begun. The main strike force is the US Task Force Thunder coming from the East (Iraq). Diversion strikes are provided by US Marines, attacking from the sea and moving inland from the West. A second American strike force (Task Force Narwick) is driving down hard from the North (Turkey) and we are… the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, 1st Battalion. We are also launching from Turkey, but we’ll advance from West to East, in parallel with the Marines.

This is a mini-campaign by 7 missions and you are the commander of a British Battalion. As the campaign name suggested, your force’s backbone is the Warrior IFV supported infantry.

The upcoming terrain is very diverse: narrow passes, hills with forest, desert, villages and high density urban areas. We have to be prepared to face any and all contingencies.

There are two version of the campaign in this zip file:
* UK Warriors in the Sands, is a pure British version. You don’t need any other extension.
* UKUSMC Warriors in the Sands, is a Marine version. You need both British Forces and Marine modules. (there are no USMC units in the campaign, but you can fight with Syrian Airborne troops in this version).

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