Argo Valley

***Transferred from the Repository – CMSF British Forces Required***

MUSORIAN forces have secured the deep water port of NAPIER and are rapidly reinforcing. Their main effort is being made to the south, towards WOODVILLE and PALMERSTON NORTH. A screening and economy of force effort is being conducted to the west and north of NAPIER. In response to the MUSORIAN invasion, ABCA forces have quickly deployed to WELLINGTON, and moved north to block and defeat the enemy. Heavy forces are being concentrated in the PALMERSTON NORTH-WOODVILLE-EKETAHUNA area to drive the MUSORIANS back to NAPIER. 19th Light Bde (UK), reinforced by 16 Fd Regt, RNZA, has moved north along Highway 1 to present a threat on the enemies right flank. 2 RIFLES is Bde reserve while 3 SCOTS and 1 WG are attempting to clear The Gentle Annie. QRL are patrolling along Highway 1 between WAIOURU and TURANGI. 2 MERCIAN have turned east at WAIOURU. So far the battalion has cleared Home Valley Road as far as The Nursery. Bde have ordered the bn to continue advancing towards Westlawn Hut. There are two versions of this in the zip. Either can be played as Blue against the Red AI or H2H, but the ‘better’ play style is indicated in the file name.

Icon of Argo Valley Argo Valley (5.9 MiB)


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