CMSF NATO Panzer Angriffe!


You are the commander of Kampfgruppe ‘Jork’(Leopards and Marders), the advance guard element of 10th Panzer Division.

Well equipped OPFOR mechanised and armoured units (T90s and BMP3s) in reinforced battalion strength are expected to be attacking in force into this sector from the north/north east.

You have been tasked by divisional HQ to advance to contact with the enemy mechanised units heading into this sector. On contact you are to develop the situation as you deem appropriate with a view to either destroying the enemy units, or fixing them to allow the divisional main body to manoeuvre around their flanks.

The OPFOR commander is tasked with driving through the German lines to attack the supply routes.

This is the German version of ‘Armour Attacks!’

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