Red Stream 120

***Transferred from the Repository***

Setting: Red vs. Red, play as “BLUE” only.
Size: big or huge
tested in WEGO, Elite. thanks to Birdstrike for his valuable input in the earlier versions, and hcrof for proof reading.

1st Guards Mech Infantry Baon is tasked with killing a warlord and his two brothers, confined in thier homevalley. In between a major urban area, Shar-Azad, housing large numbers of combatants, waiting to destroy as much as possible of 1st Baon.
Plays out in a valley, a mix of urban and open ground fighting with a considerable logistics component. Its not a 3 houers non stop action scenario, you gona wait a bit for arty at times, reorganize the mess, and so on ­čÖé

A picture of the map you find here, shot in version 1.05->

Game-play notes;

just make sure to read the no spoiler section in the briefing at the bottom. The biggest drawback of the scenario wich made it not so good playable was the 2Hr timelimit. now i set it to 3Hr and it works out great. if you possibly open it in the editor and add more time, i tell you at 3Hr+ red gets reinforcements spawning somewhere, i used them to keep red from surrendering prematurely. so I set a 3Hr fixed duration.




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