Syrian Civil War 2012 – Baba Amr

***Transferred from the Repository***

Red vs Red – semi-historical. Head to head only – no AI plans. An elite Syrian regime armoured column (2 companies+) is moving in to seize a densely built up urban rebel stronghold, opposed by lightly armed but determined FSA uncon fighters. The forces are grossly imbalanced, but BLUE will lose if block clearing tactics are slipshod and more than a few men and vehicles fall to rebel ambushes. This scenario is a mod of my Ramadi map and you will want my Improved Shopfront and Shot Up Buildings mods (available on Repo) for best looks. Other recommended mods include: Mords Mix and Match Combatants and Fighters, Ryujin’s Green Camo for Syria SF and the Syrope mod.

NOTE: I was unable to complete playtesting of this scenario but it should offer some brutal fights and good replay value. The more skilled CM player should take the RED force.


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