UK-Into The Green Zone

***Transferred from the Repository – CMSF British Forces Required***

UK forces take on unconventional troops to clear out and retake a small town. The Brits have all the firepower they need to take the ground but can they keep their casualties low enough to keep the political situation stable?

Extract from the briefing
Under a deal with the locals to reduce the level of violence they had to be exposed to they agreed to keep the insurgents out of the village if we withdrew. At the time we didn’t have the troops to maintain a base in the village anyway so it was a mutualy beneficial deal, however the locals couldn’t keep the insurgents out for long.

Now we have been reinforced it’s time to take it back. Take the village back from the insurgent. You have just over 2 hours to take the objectives. It took long enough to get the government to send more troops out that we need so the last thing we need is a spike in casualty rates along with it, keep casualties to the absolute minimum otherwise we might not get the troops we need in the future.


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