CMBN The Road to Montebourg by Paper Tiger

This is a revision of the campaign that shipped with the game disk.

Revision Notes (27th May 2012)

I made a number of changes to this campaign for the first revision. Here follows a list of the important ones.

#1…. The majority of 2/8 INF units have GREEN experience. (PIR and GIR remain the same)

#2…. A new mission has been added to the campaign on Day 1.

#3…. US 60mm onboard mortars start their missions with LIMITED ammo. Generally, there is less ammo to go around in most missions but not drastically so.

#4…. There are fewer chances of refitting thoughout the campaign.

#5…. Air support has been added to three missions in the campaign and a FOS added to the OB to allow the player to use them

#6…. Most missions have the possibility of up to 10 minutes of extra time (except ‘Turnbull’s Stand’, and ‘The Farmhouse’ missions).

  • Mission 1…. Made a few German units just a tad less brittle so that they’ll put up a bit more of a fight.
  • Mission 2…. ALL NEW 2/505 PIR mission added
  • Mission 3…. Air Support added.
  • Mission 4…. No changes
  • Mission 5…. Added Air Support to the variant when Easy Company performs the assault from the South without tank support only. the other variants remain unchanged
  • Mission 6…. No changes
  • Mission 7…. Reworked the AI plans, Added Air Support to the afternoon versions, not the eveni…

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