5 thoughts on “2nd Battalion 507th Makes a Good Drop v2

  1. What is the trick to get this to show up in CMBN for play?
    I’ve copied the btt to the Scenarios directory (this has worked for me with other scenarios in the past) but I don’t see it in the list to play.
    I have version 3.12 CMBN and CMBN works properly on the scenarios packaged with the game originally.
    I didn’t have any mods prior to getting this installed. I put the required 22.5deg road one in place.
    Are the other mods required? How does one find them exactly?
    Any help would be appreciated greatly.

    1. This scenario was created in CMBN v4.03 with ALL packages installed including extra vehicles. If your game is not patched up to date it will not load and if you do not have the vehicles package then you will not see the French Renault panzers.

  2. Correct, the German side has no set-up zone. The Germans start positions are locked-in. They are in bivouac and a few sentries.

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