Bloody Omaha

[WARNING] Resource and time hungry scenario. Only for people with a decent computer and the will to micromanage one and a half batallion. [/WARNING]

“Bloody Omaha” is based on different historical data and real world topographic terrain data. However i had to make some compromises for gameplay purposes.

You are in command of the 2nd and 3rd Battalion of the 116th Infantry Regiment (29th Infantry Division).

Your task is to gain a foothold on Omaha Beach and open up the Beach Exits for follow up troops. Move inland as soon as possible towards the assembly area which is located south of the small village St. Laurent sur Mer.


I don’t have the time to do more than one basic ai plan for the germans at the moment. H2H

play is possible but there is neither briefing nor tacmap for the german player. I guess the balance would be in favour of the german player as well.

Please feel free to add AI plans, change the unit composition or adapt this mission for German vs AI and H2H.

You can also use the map for your own mission or campaign, modify or expand it.


This map is a monster – performancewise – so i cannot guarantee that it will be possible to play it with decent framerates.

I didn’t try it in realtime but i guess that it may be possible with a high end machine.

The loading time of the map is very long. And the bluebar will sometimes move at a snail’s pace, especially when you give orders to new reinforcements.


mjkerner’s divisional patches mod
vein’s soundmod

THANK YOU BATTLEFRONT for this fantastic and beautiful game!

Thank you to my maptesters especially to Rocketman who gave me valuable feedback!

And thank you to all the map designers i am drawing inspiration from, like PaperTiger and RockinHarry to name only two of them!

I’m looking forward to your AARs

Good luck and have fun!


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2 thoughts on “Bloody Omaha

  1. I tried this scenario in CMBN but couldn’t deploy the five units in the South-East corner anywhere during the initial deploy phase. In the briefing it’s mientioned that the Germans will spawn after ten minutes. I used the red button to go through ten minutes of “action” but still no way to get those five units off that hill in the corner.

    What am I supposed to do to be able to play the scenario without having them stuck there?

  2. I tried this scenario again. This time I decided to do a couple of turns to see if maybe the attacking Americans would show up as reinforcement. That what exactly what happened 15 turns into the gameplay when a bunch of tanks showed up.

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