2 thoughts on “Boots on the Ground

  1. I’m not sure if it is the size of the game or the way it was set up to save but I have been trying to play this scenario 4 times. I have saved it each time i left. It shows the scenariuo name and the number of the save, but it does not show up in the saved game folder. I should mention it dis save the very first time I played this but not again. You have any ideas?

    1. Yes, I have seen this effect while playing my largest scenario (A Night to Forget) H2H. It only occurred when at my opponent’s end, both when he saved his moves or tried open my moves when we were well into the game. It only occurred when he played from his laptop and it resolved when he moved the game to his desktop. It has never happened on my laptop or desktop nor on a local friend’s laptop or desktop. For that reason I believe this issue to be an inability of some computers to process scenarios this size.

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