CW – Monty’s Butchers

Monty’s Butchers is a scenario to be played with the CW module. It is a large scale battle on a large map.

Best played turn based British player vs German AI or Head to Head. It can be played real time but it is fast paced and hard to be everywhere at once. However, it is by far the most challenging.

The scenario takes place in August of 1944. Operation Tractable has begun and Monty’s Butchers need to secure the flank. The town of Grimbosq is the key!

Icon of CW Monty's Butchers CW Monty's Butchers (2.0 MiB)


Author: Bootie

2 thoughts on “CW – Monty’s Butchers

  1. Good challenge! Thank you for your work. Truly enjoyed this one. Lots of choices to make. Germans surrendered with a half hour remaining. Line of sight is very important!!!

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