CW – TWC – A Ridge Too Far

Small, solo infantry action set on D+2, depicting British Commandos engaged in the fighting for the eastern flank of the Allied bridgehead. When aGerman infantry company was spotted approaching the high ground at Amfreville, Lieutenant Alderson’s 6 Troop of No. 3 Commando went out to meet it in an aggressive flanking action.

  • Map size: 1312m x 704m
  • Game length: 45
  • British force size: Reinforced Commando Troop
  • Terrain type: rural
  • Weather and Environmental conditions: Dry, warm

Designed for play as British vs. AI. H2H may be possible – briefing included for the German side. No AI plans for the British side, so solo play not possible as German.


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1 thought on “CW – TWC – A Ridge Too Far

  1. If you reach a good ambush position before the Germans arrive, it’s duck soup. Otherwise it might be a real challenge.

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