Devil’s Hill (Teufelsberg) – The Real Deal

Meticulously researched from contemporary photographs, postcards, personal accounts, aerial recon photos, archeology on the hill, pre-WWII Dutch video, and current contour maps.

Can be player H2H or SP either side. Variant AI routines built-in for both sides. Largish map but small battle.

The view from the ancient motte looking down towards the polder lands to the north east.


Author: Kandu

1 thought on “Devil’s Hill (Teufelsberg) – The Real Deal

  1. This looks really cool but that odd border around it – which BTW is accessible to the troops in the scenarios is both confusing and not good. If you want the battalion HQ to be off map just don’t include them in the scenario forces (delete all the top level Battalion individual units leaving the HQ team for last). Or go ahead and include them in the scenario.

    You really should remove the border construction.

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