II Bataillon 902 Gruppe, Panzer Lehr Counter-Attacks from les Hauts Vents – The First Two Hours

View South from les Hauts Vents

Two-player, head to head only. No AI routines for single-player. Huge map. This version leaves out the extra details such as flavour objects. Falaise’s 22.5 degree roads and stock unmodded road are required for the map to look correct. The historical look will be correct if you also download and install my new building skins from the CM Mods Warehouse (formerly Green as Jade’s). Lehr attacked towards the American bridgehead in two pincers, an eastern and a western. Each pincer was divided into two Gruppen. This is the attack of the left (western) Gruppe of the Eastern pincer. By the end of the day’s fighting, II Bn 902 Gruppe found itself back at its start line. As the German player, can you do better? As the American player can you drive Lehr even further back?


Author: Kandu

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