It’s Quiet – Too Quiet (Tiny Recon)

Tiny, 50-60 minutes. A platoon of 29th Recon Troop seeks out German defenses along the road to La Meauffe. Play US vs AI or H2H.

Features a large (~1km x 600m) and complex map, heavily cut by small streams as well as bocage.

“As the Claudel smokestack that marked La Meauffe came into sight, Lt Fernley wondered whether, with a little cavalry daring and a lot of luck, his tiny force might grab a back door into town. Far more likely though, the enemy was somewhere ahead, dug in and ready to fight.”

The mission is to reveal as much of the enemy line of resistance as possible without getting mauled. Victory requires striking the right balance between daring and caution in the face of extreme uncertainty.



Icon of Le Carillon 1 - Its Quiet - Too Quiet Le Carillon 1 - Its Quiet - Too Quiet (0.6 MiB)


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