Le Port Filiolet v2

This is an ASL type version of Lt. DeWeese’s defence to control access to the causeway to Chef-du-Pont at the bottom of Hill 30. The map is a CMBN recreation of Critical Hit’s map from their game “Shanley’s Hill”. The force compositions are reproduced from ASL’s #11 “Defiance on Hill 30”. Play tested satisfactory.

A small scenario on a medium sized map.

Version 2 adds the missing location victory points for the American player, increases game time by 10 minutes, changes arrival time of American patrol to variable, reduces overall value of victory locations to emphasize casualties and adds one new victory location – the farm where the two wounded American paras were murdered by the 91. Luftlande Pioniers (a third one was successfully hidden by the French farmers).

Acknowledgements: Thank you to ‘Handy K’ for the helpful feedback. Much appreciated.

Created in CMBN v4.03, game engine 4, with CW, MG, The Great Swan and special Vehicles installed. If your game does not load, you may need to install one or more of the foregoing.

Author: Kandu

3 thoughts on “Le Port Filiolet v2

  1. Hey great map and fun scenario! I was able to play a mirrored match recently and found it well balanced with particular challenges for both sides.

    One question for the developer though.. perhaps I need play a few more times but both my opponent and I are confused about winning conditions. Both games came to a draw… although when we both played Allies we held our objectives and inflicted considerable casualties against the Axis .. Perhaps the scenario can be tweaked for a wider scale of victory conditions? Is it a strict adherence to the ASL conditions? is it about historical parity?

    Anyway good job ! will play again !

    Handy K

    1. Hello Handy K. Thank you for the feedback and kind comments. I will look into the victory condition issue you have raised later today and respond here. Would you and your playing partner both be able to send me a screen shot of your victory screens so I can assess location as well as casualty points. Attach to email woud89@gmail.com.

      Kandu (Wim Oudshoorn)

    2. Hello Handy K: Thanks to your feedback the scenario has been updated to version 2. The problem was that I had forgotten to add the location victory points for the American player. As a result the victory level was being calculated by the program based on relative casualties. American VP have now been added as well a few additional small changes which are described in the player instructions.

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