3 thoughts on “CMBN Le Port Filiolet v2

  1. Hey great map and fun scenario! I was able to play a mirrored match recently and found it well balanced with particular challenges for both sides.

    One question for the developer though.. perhaps I need play a few more times but both my opponent and I are confused about winning conditions. Both games came to a draw… although when we both played Allies we held our objectives and inflicted considerable casualties against the Axis .. Perhaps the scenario can be tweaked for a wider scale of victory conditions? Is it a strict adherence to the ASL conditions? is it about historical parity?

    Anyway good job ! will play again !

    Handy K

    1. Hello Handy K. Thank you for the feedback and kind comments. I will look into the victory condition issue you have raised later today and respond here. Would you and your playing partner both be able to send me a screen shot of your victory screens so I can assess location as well as casualty points. Attach to email woud89@gmail.com.

      Kandu (Wim Oudshoorn)

    2. Hello Handy K: Thanks to your feedback the scenario has been updated to version 2. The problem was that I had forgotten to add the location victory points for the American player. As a result the victory level was being calculated by the program based on relative casualties. American VP have now been added as well a few additional small changes which are described in the player instructions.

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