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  1. Spoiler –

    I feel that this battle does show up the limitations of the A.I. quite sharply. Only two German tanks got within sight of the U.S. positions, when they were dealt with the battle pretty much came to a halt, with still a long time left on the clock.

    It ended with a U.S. Major Victory. When I found the remaining German tanks and checked their status 3 were “Nervous” and 1 was “Cautious”, which probably explains why they had not ventured to within view of my troops.

    1. As the creator, I quite agree with you. The AI is extremely limited in its attack ability. No branching ability and very limited ability to rally disheartened troops. During over a dozen play-tests and de-bug sessions I did see different results though. For even greater variety you could even march Schwartzwalder off the map as in real life or go into the Editor and remove his troops.

      1. I’m surprised you saw only two tanks. I have repeatedly seen all arrive as programmed. Two from the south and the rest from the west Did you ‘play’ out the clock?

  2. Thanks for the reply, and for your efforts in creating this and other battles. Yes, I did allow the time to run down. The four tanks I mentioned above only ever registered as sound contacts early on, then just gradually faded as the battle worn on.

    1. The scenario has a few AI plans for variability. The greatest variation occurs at the start when the German bombardment falls in the American position. Two targets have been assigned for three German batteries. The AI randomly allocates those batteries to targets. The resulting American casualties vary from game to game and determine the ability of the Americans to resist the follow-up ground attacks.

  3. I should have asked this one before.

    Bearing in mind that you have 16 battles planned for this series, I was wondering how many days will those 16 battles cover?

    1. From the 6th to the 10th of June (final advance against Amfreville)
      I ‘hope’ to cover at least two of the three German attacks against the causeway, maybe all three.
      The overnight crossing of the flooded Merderet on the sunken road.
      Lt. Col. Timmes defends the orchard.
      The American attack across the causeway.
      The first and second attempts against Amfreville.
      Right now I am rebuilding the lost master map. After that I will do the German player side for Levy at Cauquigny.

    2. By the way, feel free to get into the Editor and alter my scenarios any way you want or use the maps for something you’d like to create. All I ask is that you rename your revision or creations.

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