MG – Landing Zone T

The Germans have control of the northern heights near Landing Zone T. The Americans have only one weakened battalion to clear them off. An airborne reinforcement group is scheduled to land in 1 hour. Can the Americans clear the heights in time?
This scenario is primarily an infantry engagement. It is best played as American player vs German AI. However, both sides can be played against the AI. The challenge is to play in real time. As for human vs human (PBEM), it is recommended the stronger player be the Germans.
Icon of MG Landing Zone T V 101 MG Landing Zone T V 101 (1.4 MiB)


Author: Bootie

1 thought on “MG – Landing Zone T

  1. Attempted this scenario twice: once on the right flank, second head on. Tactical Victory for both, and almost the same result in casualties on both sides. The time constraint is the critical element, and you can’t take the time for fancy maneuvering. The long line of sight through the forested areas surprised me initially, but adjusted. Very challenging scenario in application of forces – covering fire, movement, use of mortars. Thank you for challenge.

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