Quick Like a Greyhound

Guten Tag Hauptmann Reinhardt. You are in command of I. Kompanie and depleted units from II.Kompanie with the help from Leutnant Schönfelder from the IV.Kompanie of the 1st Abteilung, Pz. Reg 160 of the Winhund (or Greyhound) Division.

We are trying to push the enemy back and we are advancing North towards Saint Berthelemy. Enemy fighter-bomber Typhoons have been hitting us hard lately, but we have been able to assign to you two PzKpfw. IVs and three Sturmgeschütz IIIs and a JadgPanzer IV. Your Kompanie´s morale is not the highest, specially after continous artillery barrages and figher-bomber attacks last weeks but as we were approaching St Barthelemy, we found that the two villages in front of us are being occupied by enemy troops. Don´t let them flank us in our advance. Your right flank seems to be a good choice according to Oberfeldwebel Knocke of I. Zug, but other flanks must be covered too. Anyway, we are the Greyhounds, so advance without fear and repel the amis, they have been surprised somehow to see us coming , make them know what the Windhund is made of.

50+ Turns. Axis Probe. Small map. ONLY Axis Vs AI

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