Shanley on Hill 30

Large map, large scenario, highly detailed including flavour objects; very graphics intensive on the computer.

The scenario begins at 0430 hours on 7th June 1944 and includes all of Shanley’s roughly 400 ad-hoc All American (and a few Screaming Eagles) defenders of Hill 30. Their opponents are various elements of the 91. Luftlande Division supported by a few Renault tanks and an off-map artillery battery, in total outnumbering Shanley’s force slightly over 2:1.

The map is true-scale accurately reproduced at 5 and 2.5 meter contour intervals with bocage, buildings and orchards reproduced from aerial photos taken six years after the event – so ‘near contemporary’ and much more accurate than either today’s Google maps or the WWII 1:25,000 maps.

Unique victory points allocation strive for play balance but unfortunately no opportunity to play-test. If you want to give it a go with me, please contact.

Created in CMBN v4.03, game engine 4, with CW, MG, The Great Swan, Vehicles installed. If your game does not load you may need one of the foregoing, or wait a little longer due to graphics demands.

Author: Kandu

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