Teufelsberg Update

This version updates the map graphics and tweaks the victory points.

This scenario recreates the attack of Lt. Foley’s U.S. paratroopers against the German Fallschrimjaeger on Teufelsberg (Devil’s Hill), east of Nijmegen during Operation Market Garden. Four versions are provided, two head-to-head (H2H) and two single player (SP). Both of the foregoing comes in two graphical configurations. In configuration “a” the map has a narrow border to prevent players being distracted by seeing under the map due to the very hilly terrain. Configuration “b” is ‘borderless’ for those who prefer the latter. The two SP versions have five AI plans for maximum replayability: German Static, German Redeploy, German Panic, German Counter, and German Patrol.

NOTE! This update was done on CMBN version 4.03 with all add-ons installed such as CW, MG, The Great Swan, and special vehicles, etc. If the scenario does not appear in your game menu, then you are likely missing one of the above.

Author: Kandu

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