TWC Bloody 110th at Marnach

16 December 1944: the Keystone Division had taken a beating in the Huertgen Forest and was licking its wounds in a quiet part of the line. The story is well known by now – American units on the 1st Army front were anticipating a calm Christmas. The German Army, expected to sit out the winter in fortifications along the Siegfried Line, instead launched a major surprise offensive. The 110th Infantry Regiment, one of the components of the Keystone Division, lay right in the path of the spearhead of the 2nd Panzer Division.

Play: Solo as either side, or H2H in either real time or turn-based play.

Map size: 2km x 2km

Force size: reinforced company vs. battalion (-)

Game length: 2:00 (variable)

Terrain Type: hilly forest

Weather and environmental conditions: wet, fog

AI plans included for both sides

Designed with 2.0 upgrade.

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Author: Bootie

1 thought on “TWC Bloody 110th at Marnach

  1. This scenario is from maybe the best scenario maker of all time. The map is fantastic. The situation and game play are fantastic. This has the potential to be one of the best Bulge scenarios ever. I would be more than happy to help tweak it and playtest it to make it a perfect German Attacker vs US AI. Please, everybody download and play this one. It might already be perfect for H2H, I don’t know. I’ve only played as German vs the AI.

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