Thank You For Becoming A Patron Dennis C.

A shout out to Dennis C. who has donated funds and become a patron.  As you know all the funds I receive from the Patrons and the like get fed back into the website.  The website has been going through the wars recently as I migrate to a new server but in the next day or so we will be up and running 100% as opposed to the 75% we are at just now.  Also Dennis’ pledge gives him 2 entries into the end of the month draw for the mystery prize.   Just now we have only 3 tickets in for it and Dennis holds 2… 66% chance to win something right there… LOL

If anyone is interested in becoming a patron have a look at the bottom of the right hand menus for the Patreon programme.  Thanks.



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4 thoughts on “Thank You For Becoming A Patron Dennis C.

    1. Once the funds are collected (confirming entry) I will be doing the draw on my YouTube Channel and the video will also be posted on the private pages of the Patreon area.

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