5 thoughts on “Angriffe der Grenadiere – Three Versions

  1. Hiya Kandu, or if you’re Swedish: Kan du, meaning “can you” in English.

    In the text to your scenario Angriff Der Grenadiere you write “…supported by … [amount of] tanks”. I think you might want to change that text as it reveals a bit too much for the US player. If the one who is playing as the US troops knows how many tanks there are coming for the defenders it might remove a bit of the excitement.

    Kind regards

  2. Hello BornGinger:

    Thank you for the feedback and helpful suggestion. I will act on it tomorrow and change the US player text. My player name ‘Kandu’ is a play on words that suggests that ‘Canadians can do’. My birth country is the Netherlands. I’ll have to think about how much to modify it. IN the advance to the causeway a few hours earlier, the Grenadieres had attacked Lt. Levy’s men in Cauquigny. In the process they lost three other Renault tanks but more had been observed on the way. So the presence of armour was not altogether a surprise. Also the paras were aware that the armour belonged to the 100. Panzer Ersatz und Ausbildungs Abteilung which they knew consisted mostly of captured French Renault and Hotchkiss tanks. The noise of the tanks was heard well in advance of seeing them. All this from first hand accounts. Presently re-reading “No Better Place to Die”. So I think that the only thing the Americans did not know that afternoon is (a) how many tanks were heading their way and (b) the presence of a PzKfw III amoung them eventhough the same had been spotted by Levy.
    Cheers, and thanks again.

  3. MINOR UPDATE TO SP-GE: Changed incorrect game length of 30 minutes to 60+ minutes. If you downloaded the 30 minute version either download the corrected to change the time using the scenario editor.

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