Gruppe Bohm to Le Rocher

In the early morning hours of 11 July 1944 Panzer Lehr counter-attacked U.S. 30th infantry division with the objective of isolating the American bridgehead across the Vire-Taute canaal. Lehr’s attack consisted of two Kampfgruppen further subdivided into four Gruppen. This scenario simulates Gruppe Böhm’s attack commencing at 0330* on 11 July 1944.

For the roads on this map to look correct, you MUST download and install Falaise’s 22.5 degree Highways mod and Kandu’s Les Hauts Vents buildings available at Green as Jade’s Combat Mission mods repository.

Warning, this is a huge scenario on an historically authentic map.

Two versions are included, one for head-to-head (H2H) play and one for single player (SP). The SP version has only one AI Plan due to the fact that the night was ‘extremely dark’ and the Americans were in the process of regrouping and resupplying after falling back from their attack towards Les Hauts Vents.

Note!: This scenario was created in CMBN v4.03 with CW, MG, The Great Swan, and special vehicles installed. If the scenario does not appear in your game menu then you are likely missing one of the above.

Author: Kandu

2 thoughts on “Gruppe Bohm to Le Rocher

  1. Scenario was created in CMBN v4.03 with CW, MG, The Great Swan, Special Vehicles add-ons. If the scenario does not appear in the game menu then one of the foregoing is not installed in your game or perhaps the scenario is version dependent.

  2. Thank you for the feedback Commanderski. You are correct. The issue of the errant setup squares has been corrected and the corrected scenario has been uploaded. Enjoy.

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