4 thoughts on “The 505th Assault la Fiere Manor

  1. This is great. Can you let me know where to get the other missions in the series “82nd Airborne in Normandy”. Have they all been released yet or are they still to be released?

  2. Hello Colin:

    Thank you for the positive remark. My series of scenarios titled “The 83nd in Normandy” is a work-in-progress. The individual scenarios are posted just as soon as I complete, play-test and de-bug them. To date I have posted the following:

    82N01 Boots on the Ground – S.P. U.S. vs Ge. A.I.
    82N02 The 507th Assaults La Fiere Manor – S.P. U.S. vs Ge. A.I.
    82N16 The 507th Makes a Good Drop – H2H

    Currently in progress is 82N03 Lt. Levy at Coquigny – American Player vs A.I. Ge.
    Which will be followd by82N04 Lt. Levy at Coquigny – German player vs A.I. U.S.

    A related scenario previously published under a different title: “Shanley on Hill 30” – H2H. This scenario is on a map whose northern edge begins less than one kilometer south of the map in the new series. Lt. Col. Shanley was part of the 507th PIR, 82nd Airborne drop.

    Glad to answer any more questions.


    Kandu (a.k.a. Wim Oudshoorn)

  3. This was a lot of fun to play. I really liked the way that you modelled the area around the manor, particularly the Motte and the Moat.

    1. Thank you for the kind feedback. Although there is only one AI plan, the scenario has a number of triggers in various locations for minor variations in the AI response.

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