As a follow on from the previous post and as mentioned this post was put up on Patreon initially for the Patrons to have a read through.  There has been some good feedback so far but now I’m opening the doors to the rest of the membership to throw their tuppence worth in.  So have a read and please do jump in… its open to everyone… new members and old alike.

Hello folks, I hope you are all keeping well.  Here in the UK today was the first proper warm day we have had and despite everyone being out I found it an ideal time to get stuck in and do a little rebranding around The Few Good Men and associated sites.  The banner has changed across all the sites I run, Twitter, YouTube, FGM etc.

I believe changing every now and again freshens things up a little and keeps our competitors (?) on their toes.

While working my way through these changes I found myself thinking of what the FGM is and offers… for sure we are a quality Combat Mission-centric Wargaming Club with a satisfying side order of military history thrown in for good measure but what exactly are we?

First and foremost I would say we are a combat mission club, this quickly led me to thinking… is this the end of the story.  Combat Mission?

I then moved on to why I bother running the FGM, what was my mission statement if I was to have one.  That’s when it came to me… personally I think my mission statement is to keep wargaming fresh and honour the history behind the games.  It has evolved over the years and the club we have now is not the club I set out to build believe me.  My initial intention was to have 20 guys (not the hundreds we have now) who I could play CM games against.  Over the years it has changed and that led me to my next line of thought… what do I want the FGM to become?

The opportunities really are endless.  Do we branch out and involve other wargames, do we pitch ourselves as a catch all wargaming club, do we push the historical aspect a little further forward and start possibly producing mil/hist articles.  Do we keep our fingers on the pulse of the wargaming genre and grow or do we stay the same or even concentrate what we have got so that we are the nucleus of the niche.  I have my opinions but I would really like to hear the opinions of you guys in relation to a few questions…

1 – What does The FGM mean to you now?

2 – What would you like to see The FGM become?

3 – How would you achieve this?

3 simple questions…. #1 is basically asking why do you like FGM, what brings you back etc.  #2 & #3 are aimed at finding out if you were to improve the FGM what would need to be done to fulfil this?

So now the soapbox is yours….

Thanks for reading.



Author: FGM Site Admin

18 thoughts on “LETS DISCUSS THE FUTURE…

  1. In the past i would have moaned about you taking the old Gentlemen of the heading, but no, I think yes re-branding is a good idea, it’s easy to get stuck in the groove, let’s move on sir.
    What the Club means to me it’s like having loads of pen-friends all over the World, the comradeship I believe is second to none…..most of us are always willing to give help and advice, and comfort for members with problems.
    And to my way of thinking, we could introduce different games, perhaps speaking for others I say that because I am happy with what we do at this lovely Club of ours, If your thoughts are about bringing other clubs into our set-up, I think you would have to change our Name……The Few Good Men would cease to exist.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ted… I wouldnt be looking to merge clubs with us or anything of that ilk. Im just wondering how you think we could make our club better. Bear in mind better doesn’t always mean bigger. If you could choose one or two things to add to the club what would they be?

  2. I agree with Ted as I think of it as a place for like minded folks to get together, kinda like a social gathering of sorts. I have absolutely no idea what it takes to facilitate a site like this so I can’t offer much in that regard. Considering all the promotional stuff that just “Happens” at FGM, I would think some sort of closer collaboration with BF games would be in order.

  3. @Hedgehog already says it well. I like FGM as a fine community of primarily WW2 tactical war-gamers. Our backgrounds are diverse and our interests are far ranging but I find this a good group of intelligent worldwide military history enthusiasts.

    1 – What does The FGM mean to you now?
    A bright and sophisticated group of extremely civil Combat Mission war-gamers who are socially engaging and intellectually stimulating. People whose opinions I readily respect and thoroughly enjoy. Subject matter enthusiasts who continually enhance my understandings of the Second World War. A gaming community where I have enjoyed and learned from every game I played.

    2 – What would you like to see The FGM become?
    A bright and sophisticated group of extremely civil Combat Mission war-gamers who are socially engaging and intellectually stimulating. People whose opinions I respect and enjoy. Subject matter enthusiasts who continually enhance my understandings of the Second World War. A gaming community where I have enjoyed every game I played.
    – Oops, sorry Shane, repeating myself probably doesn’t help . . . . 🙂
    I’d like to see us retain the same spirits and enthusiasms with constant curiosities to expand our knowledge and humor (love your stories, Ted) that remain appealing to WW2 gaming enthusiasts around the world.

    3 – How would you achieve this?
    Dragoon Shane for 14 more years of FGM dictatorial leadership; Field Marshall for life. Long live the Marshall!
    Continue cultivating and nurturing new members to be as offbeat and goofy as all us active grognards. Continue doing what you do to remain fresh and stimulating. When you lay an egg, stand back and admire it, then invite us over for omlettes and move on to the next good thing. Continue providing all these great tournament opportunities for new and old to play good games engaging new opponents. (Thank you Tourney admins and organizers!!!

    Love what you’ve done with the place, Shane. God bless you for it. Keep calm and carry on.

  4. Not being a gamer, it sounds crazy but I do not know.
    It’s a magnet, as I said once, maybe it’s a ground wire to unload day-to-day problems.
    And what would I like to see on the site? Another argentine member maybe, lol.
    Honestly speaking, I think I like the site as it currently is.
    My contributions are limited, I do not understand anything about computing, so the only thing I can do is the same thing I did almost 7 years ago, collaborate with the galleries, commentaries and provide some other data in the historical threads.
    And I’m happy with just that!!

  5. Thanks for the great site and the effort you have put into it. Always worth looking where you can improve and/or move with the times. It is easy for the core group of players to stay with a title too long, only to find the gaming world has moved on and their favourite past-time dies on the vine. You need to keep relevant to the gaming public to get new members and keep the old ones motivated. Having said that, it appears to me there is still life in CMx2 and if I am not mistaken the site is still attracting new players. Although it would be nice to know what Battlefront’s plans are for CMx2.
    Sometimes, rather than expanding, it is best to concentrate on what you do best. However, if you think you need a broader base to support the operation that will present an interesting challenge. I am presuming that military gaming will remain the theme at FGM. I suggest that most FGM players prefer the WEGO style of play versus RTS. So the first question is: what games have a following that would be interested in the style of activities already conducted at FGM?

  6. This site is and always has been a magnet for CM players, I’ve been playing CM for 14 years now with the occasional battle fatigue very now and then (been a member of FGM all that time I think).
    In that time many members have come and gone but a cohort members have been here all along, it has been the members that drive the FGM onwards, very CM campaign/tournament gives the CM game a new dimension, it attracts new players to the club and this repeats over again.
    Very new player that joins plays other games other than CM and share their experience and give out helpful tips/tricks thus enhancing everyone’s general gaming experience, not only that, the site has been a great source of historical information, this alone has attracted people to the club.
    Finally it’s the friendliness of members that make this place great, no one gets ‘bitchy’ here (that often) as we’re mostly grown men with jobs and/or families this is a place to relax and indulge in historical fantasies.

  7. Thinking about it I came to the realization that the reason I can’t wait to log on to FGM multiple times daily is the members. The friendly ambiance we create as a group simply doesn’t exist on other on-line communities, at least not any that I have seen. It’s very special. And when new members sign on they seem to “get it” almost immediately. While we all contribute to the FGM reputation I think it is fair to say it all starts from the top down. Bootie, you’re just an amazing guy. It there is a single reason this all works it is because of the incredible time and effort you you put into our happy little on-line home. As long as you remain our benevolent dictator I am sure FGM’s future is assured.

    The only weak point, if it actually is one and it’s probably not since we’ve been playing it forever is CM. I loved CMx1 when it came out When CMx2 arrived I loved the graphics but the game mechanics left me cold and still do. I have fun playing the game occasionally mostly because the community is so CM oriented. However, if I never played another game of CMx2 I would be able to sleep just fine at night. I guess what I’m getting at is continuing to put all our FGM eggs in the CM basket might eventually bite us in the end. Pun intended. Getting the community active in some other war games could lend a breath of fresh air. Surely there must be one other game out there that could get our interest?

    Louis! Hang in there mate! Your contribution is special. No body does what you do for FGM.

    1. Im moved by your very kind words mTk. This club is something we have all worked to nurture to where we have it today and like a bonsai tree it needs a little pruning and direction every once in a while. Your observations regarding the branching out a little is exactly what I was thinking and your comments have been mirrored by others thoughts on the question. Im currently implementing these changes because as the saying goes ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’. Thanks for sticking around all these years!!

  8. As a lurker, and with a preference for playing single player, I really appreciate the hard work of all the uploaders, and for Bootie keeping things going so well. I also greatly appreciated Bootie’s regular updates on scenario releases as I am subscribed to The Few Good Men, which I could download and play. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any updates emailed for a while now, so I hope that Bootie is ok, as I’m virtually certain I didn’t unsubscribe in error? If it’s no longer policy to advise new scenario’s, I understand, but please advise.

    Anyway a VERY big thank you for all the work done so far. It has made my Combat Mission gaming so much more fun.

  9. 1 – What does The FGM mean to you now?

    FGM is the home of the world’s premier Combat Mission community. I discovered FGM more than six years ago when I was looking for reliable H2H players. For the several years that I was active on FGM, I developed good relationships with the other members and FGM became an online home for my hobbies. While work and family has prevented me from playing as much CM as I’d like, I continue to lurk because the information and camaraderie is unsurpassed.

    2 – What would you like to see The FGM become?

    I have spent my career as a relatively successful serial entrepreneur/small business leader and have coached a lot of other business owners on what it takes to be successful. One of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make is that they lack focus. They try to be everything to everybody rather than define what they do well and stick to it.

    FGM does Combat Mission well. I think all of us arriving looking for a Combat Mission community and as long as Combat Mission stays relevant, I think that FGM should stay focused on offering a vibrant community for Combat Mission players. Over the last half decade, I have seen interest pick up on other games on this site (e.g., Arma) but it has never reached the community-wide support that CM has. The big question is: if CM loses its relevance, how do we rally the community around the next Combat Mission (even if it isn’t a Combat Mission-style game)?

    3 – How would you achieve this?

    Ultimately, we have no control over whether Combat Mission will stay relevant. We can be supportive but it is up to Battlefront to keep improving the game. Rather than stay the course and hope that it does, does it make sense to more formally seek a second game that a good part of the community can rally around? The ideal game would be a relatively new game from a small publisher so that has not developed a community and/or does not have big dollars to put behind their own community. Games would support two or more players via some sort of PBEM or file-exchange turn sequence. It should be modable and include a scenario editor. Things like TOAW or John Tiller games sort-of-fit this description but miss in certain areas.

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