Brunswick's Rifleman Assault Weapon/RAW


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Oct 11, 2010
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Castelar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.
The Brunswick RAW was an interesting weapon that showed considerable destructive potential. In form it was a spherical 140mm diameter rocket propelled rifle grenade.

The original model had a 3lb (1.36kg) HESH warhead but in later models this was reduced to 1kg. This round could blow a 36cm (14”) diameter hole in 20cm (8”) of double reinforced concrete. A later development was MuliPurpose Munition or MPM-RAW, a pre-fragmented anti-personnel/anti-material round using tungsten pellets and know as the “Flying Claymore”. This had five to ten times the effective range and lethality of a 40x46mm grenade and was fitted with a variable range and height-of-burst fusing for both direct fire and indirect fire to 2000m. Trials indicated 81% casualty hits out to at least a 35m radius. MPM-RAW also retained 90% of the breaching capability of the HESH-RAW. There were also versions with HEAT or EFP warheads with a laser proximity fuse designed to detonate the round at correct standoff distance. With the proximity fuse switched off the Anti-tank round could be used as a HE round. The large 40 cubic inch capacity of the warhead could also be used to carry useful loads of fillings such as smoke, CS or incendiary compounds.

RAW Launcher attaches to the muzzle of an M-16A1 rifle utilizing existing triggering and sights. The RAW projectile is initiated through the firing of a standard 5.56 mm ball round of ammunition. RAW does not interfere or prevent the firing of the rifle’s standard ammunition at any time. Raw produces a 14″ hole through 8 inches of double reinforced concrete and defeats light armor. Since RAW travels line of sight, It can be fired from below a canopy or in sewers and storm drains. RAW produces minimal back blast pressure and noise and can be fired from within enclosed areas.-
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