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Nov 5, 2009
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As most of my wargaming is based around WW2 I thought it would be a nice change to play something a bit more modern. Hence my decision to give Flashpoint Germany by Matrix Games a go.

The opening blurb reads.

Flashpoint Germany brings you back to the height of the Cold War, before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Massive armies of incredible power face off across the West German border. Your companies and platoons maneuver on realistic maps of the Germany countryside in 2 Tutorials and 17 Scenarios. Build your own scenarios, play against the AI opponent or against another player via TCP/IP or PBEM.

Sounds good so far... realistic maps, PBEM and TCP/IP available. Time to fire a game up. I pick NATO and choose the first mission.

Ok I have my mission... the Russkies have attacked from the North to the town in the bottom right of the map. I have to take a bridge there and see if I can get the town.

Clicking 'proceed' takes me to the set up screen. I need to get my forces there quick so deploy them on the main road with orders to advance south east.

As you can see by the following picture I have changed the graphics for the units... easier to pick out what the formation consists of IMO. You issue orders by clicking on a unit and setting 'parameters' in the section at the bottom right. My opening move is to send in 2 flights of recon choppers and move my M1 Abrams platoon down the road.

Hmmm Ive never played a game quite like this before. To be honest its down right strange.

Having set the orders for the choppers and M1 platoon in my first turn it now plays out.

Its amazing how little input I actually have bar setting up protocols for each unit.

IE. dont open fire until within 2000 meters, only return fire, do not all ow enemy to come closer than 2000meters...etc.

It really is like being a proper commander.... give your units instructions and sit back and watch it pan out.

My chopper came across Russian infantry being ferried over the bridge and immediately opened fire. It did considerable damage. My artillery then decided to open up from range (I didnt order this.... must be part of the in game AI) then a report came in saying they had spotted an enemy HQ and that a barrage had been planned. HEY YOU DIDNT ASK ME FIRST!!

Each turn takes about 15 minutes to resolve. This basically involves you as a player reading the little sit reps on the right hand side and watching your icons carry out your movement orders and proceed using your engagement protocols.

No doubt about it this is more of a combat simulator than a game.

It will teach a player about command and control. Dealing with sit reps and time delays. But its just a bit too grognardy for me. Your input at once being critical (movement etc.) but also minimal once combat starts (you sit back and watch the battle unfold).

This will certainly appeal to a certain type of gamer but not me. I like to have more control over my units and watching text scroll up for 10-15 minutes gets boring quickly.
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