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How can I never have heard of this before?

"Wicked Spring is a 2002 American historical-based dramatic war film directed, produced, and written by Kevin Hershberger, as his first narrative feature film. The fictional portrayal is based on several actual events from the American Civil War, notably fictionalizing an event that took place in 1862 during the Battle of Crampton's Gap. The film focuses on a Harrison Bolding, a Confederate soldier in 1864 who, at night and with two other soldiers from his company, becomes lost while in conflict at the Battle of the Wilderness. The three meet and befriend a trio of Union soldiers that night, but don't realize it until the next morning when the six find themselves trapped between Union and Confederate defenses.
Wicked Spring had a budget of an estimated $500,000, and while initially screening only at film festivals, aired for the first time on ABC Television WJRT in June 2005. "- Wiki