Full Throttle, H2H

[TRANSFERRED FROM THE REPOSITORY : US MARINE MODULE REQUIRED] Short Description: Battle Type: Meeting Engagement. Terrain: Hard and rocky Day time: Day Mission time: 45…

Kumeiky Engagement

***Transferred from the Battlefront Repository*** Tiny meeting between mechanized platoons in the town Kumeiky. Conversion of the CMSF scenario ‘Al Huqf Engagement’. Scipio

Escalation of Violence

My first attempt at a scenario—–As the U.S. offensive pauses to consolidate its gains, supplies are delivered to frontline units. After the disappearance of a…

Copperhead Road

***Transferred from the Repository*** A U.S. Army Stryker Engineer Company has been hit with an IED as they traveled under a highway overpass near the…

Partisan Vodka

Grobdeutchland troops meet with Lituanian partisans in the small town of Ignalina. This scenario comes with a specific mod (very recomendable to play with it)….