CMBN Large Farmland Meeting Engagement Map

This is a fictional QB map for CMBN loosely inspired by three trips to Normandy and Brittany. It’s a fairly large map (1712 x 1728 meters) intended for ME but it can be used in a number of other scenarios. It has been made to provide a large spectrum of tactical possibilities in a variety of contexts and forces while feeling realistic.

There are three objectives of equal values dispersed across the middle of the map to encourage players to exploit the whole area. Setup zones are east-west and rather thin, forcing players to go through the full development of their forces.

Enjoy!  – Tarkus

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5 thoughts on “CMBN Large Farmland Meeting Engagement Map

  1. Is this map intended for Commonwelth or Market Garden? I put the .btt file in the quick battles folder but couldn’t find it when I wanted to play it.

    1. If I remember correctly it was made with France/summer 1944 as a parameter, so this may be why you don’t see it if you select Low Countries as the region. Feel free to open the scenario in the editor to tinker with the appropriate data to make it work according to your preferences.

  2. Wait a minute. What do you mean by “Feel free to open the scenario in the editor”? Is it a scenario or a map for quick battles? If it is a scenario I have put it in the wrong folder.

    Thanks for a quick reply.

  3. No I think I packaged it as a Quick Battle, but it’s been a while, it may be something to check out. I cannot check the file to confirm, unfortunately (CMBN not installed).

  4. An off topic question now when you’re still alert and probably not awake in the middle of the night like me. I just got this game. Does Battlefront have sale on their games and DLCs or are they always on full price?

    I’ll put the file in the scenario folder to see what happens.

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