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  1. Zulu1345

    Black Sea Campaign idea: Golden Cross/Task Force Illini

    Hello, I currently am working on a campaign for Black Sea. totally new to the scenario editor and learning as i go. The campaign has the player command core units of the U.S. Army National Guard 33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team. It's unofficial nickname being "Golden Cross". This brigade...
  2. B

    Task Force Thunder AAR (SF2)

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This will be an AAR series, covering my playthrough of the US Army campaign of Shock Force 2: 'TF Thunder'. I briefly dipped my toe into this campaign in Shock Force 1, but only as far as the first mission. This will be my first proper playthrough of a...
  3. R

    Help I need play-testers

    Hi all, I've created my first ever CM:BN scenarios to be put together as a campaign however I'm in need of play testers to give feedback before I have the finished product. I've asked over at the battlefront forums but not had too much back in regards to interest, albeit for a couple of people...
  4. O

    PzC-CMFI Ortona Campaign (Axis) thread

    Hello FGM, I copying and pasting parts of a conversation thread which involves @kohlenklau @Concord @mjkerner @Richtig and myself. The posts are highlights of the German command's Panzer Campaigns - CMFI campaign thread, which is a game organised by PzC campaign legend kohlenklau. The Allied...