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  1. B

    CMFI battle anyone?

    Hey I am very new to hvh in cm. In fact I only ever played campaigns and battles against the number crunching automaton within the game. I am looking forward to the challenge of an actual thinking opponent though. I have Combat Mission: Fortress Italy and all of its modules. My only request...
  2. A

    CMF2 and/or CMFI - Beginner to intermediate player for PBEM

    Hi, Looking for someone who is interested in doing aprox. turn-a-day PBEM game or games. I'm personally a fan of small to medium scenarios or QBs.
  3. P

    |CMFI| Tank Commander standing on tank?

    I'm playing a H2H and when I spotted an enemy tank, the commander was standing on it. Is it a graphics glitch or is there a way to do that?
  4. Z

    CMFI Goodness closer than we thought?????

    ChrisND posted this little titbit on the BF forums 24 hours ago - looks like there may be some CMFI Goodnesss along later this year (Here we go with the delusions again - WE all know BF releases stuff "when it's ready" and not before. Don't we? ) "Well, I just finished putting 10th Mountain...