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  1. A

    CMRT H2H scenario finished, just needs balance testing.

    I decided to get back into scenario-making recently with a small-scale (reduced company vs. two platoons + odds and ends) H2H matchup. It can be played solo as well, preferably as Soviets but I tested the German side three times (compared to like twenty-five for the Soviets) but I'm really...
  2. K

    CMRT - Looking for a game

    Heyo, I'm looking for an opponent in CMRT (Engine4), >medium engagement and I prefer the Soviets Cheers :)
  3. C

    Looking for CMRT game...

    'FGM, 2Dog, message over.' '2Dog, FGM, send...' ...not fussy about CMRT parameters or side. Will set everything up if you let me know what you'd like, dropbox etc. '2Dog out!'
  4. R

    Soviet hoard looking for games.

    Hi. I'm looking to play some games of CMRT and need opponents. I can offer quick turns (x2 per day mini) and a competitive game until the end of the scenario. I don't mind scenario games or quick battle games. Small to medium games would be better, but will consider large cool looking games...