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Looking for CMRT game...



'FGM, 2Dog, message over.'
'2Dog, FGM, send...'

...not fussy about CMRT parameters or side. Will set everything up if you let me know what you'd like, dropbox etc.

'2Dog out!'
I'd be up for a CMRT match, preferably medium-ish size with me commanding the Red Army
I have the engine version 3, would buy 4 if needed.
Have a good day :)

email for CMH/Dropbox: Andreas.Kraft96@gmx.de
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Hi Kraft,

I'm running CMRT engine 4 version 2 so you'd need to upgrade (please read the red coloured install instructions on the battlefront.com site if you decide to upgrade to engine 4 as the install isn't entirely straight forward).

I'll set up a QB meeting engagement if your in agreement with the following settings, you as the Red Army?

Battle Type - Meeting Engagement
Battle Size - Medium
Length of Battle - 45 min
Map Selection - Automatic
Map Size - Medium
Environment - Village
Region - Soviet Union
Combat Force - Mix
Unit Purchase - Human
Map Preview - Allowed
Force Adjustment - No change
Year - 1944
Month - September
Daylight - Day
Weather - Clear
Ground Conditions - Very dry
Rarity - Standard

Do you use Dropbox or would you prefer email?

All the best,
thanks for warning me, I'll see if I can figure it out :)
The settings look fine to me and I prefer Dropbox.
Kind regards,
I've sent the RT_2Dog vs Kraft.ema game file to Dropbox.
Hi Kraft,

I've sent a readme text file to Dropbox with a draft set of Rules of Engagement, let me know what you think?