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  1. S

    CMSF1 >2 upgrade

    Good day, I am thinking of getting back into CMSF, particularly the British campaign. I understand that this campaign has not been upgraded to SF2. Is it worth me upgrading to SF2 and if so will the British campaign not work? Thank you in advanced.
  2. L

    Looking for opponents for CMBS/CMSF

    looking for opponentS (more than 1) for cmbs/cmsf, i am up for : Pbem,Wego Turn based, Real time if pbem then 2-10 turns per day consider playing wego turn based or real time if you want pbem, give me your email adress linked to dropbox battles: tiny to medium Maps: small to large i am very...
  3. F

    Looking for a Combat Mission Shock Force real time game

    My Marines need an an enemy to (attempt to) close with and destroy.. Ready to deploy at short notice for the next 10 hours.. Please advise if you can oblige..