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Looking for opponents for CMBS/CMSF



looking for opponentS (more than 1) for cmbs/cmsf, i am up for :
Pbem,Wego Turn based, Real time
if pbem then 2-10 turns per day

consider playing wego turn based or real time
if you want pbem, give me your email adress linked to dropbox

battles: tiny to medium
Maps: small to large

i am very active,if you send turns fast, i am very likely to do the same
Hi lapdog! I like to play ladder turn based pbem BS match. I suppose you have patch 1.4 installed and use dropbox for sharing save files. Say if you want to play quick battle or a scenario. Choose the battle and your side. Send me first save ;)
Hi lapdog! I like to play ladder turn based pbem BS match. I suppose you have patch 1.4 installed and use dropbox for sharing save files. Say if you want to play quick battle or a scenario. Choose the battle and your side. Send me first save ;)
sure, it ll be a medium ish map and tiny funds then and i ll go with americans. will send first turn today asap. i can usually return 3 , 4 or up to 10 turns per day
Hi @lapdog !
I'm ok for any tiny/small/medium size battle (also unbalanced, they are fun anyway).
I would even try a CMSF scenario, would like to play non conventional forces just for fun, even slightly unbalanced scenario.
My turn rate is good (more than 1 turn x day) except for setup phase.

Only PBEM, Elite level, daylight conditions.
I didn't receive the email. I will setup a "conversation" where we can setup our game.
Obviously, i'm still interested.
Any size game...no preference on forces(US/Russia?UKR)...whatever map or environment you want.

My only requests...
1) No APS...(Until they add the Israeli army, no army besides them is using APS currently)
2. Whoever plays as the Russians against the US gets a 10% bonus of spending points in QB (I think the inferiority of their equipment and training is too unbalanced. Hell...the Javelin is the supreme AT system on the map and the Russian's best.... the AT-14... does not even come close!). It wouldn't make that much of a difference but it might help the Russian player buy more systems to compensate...
3. No more than 1 Tunguska (Too many players are buying several and using them to "buzz saw" them against ground targets which is NOT what they are used for IRL)

I'm good for multiple turns a day. Have Dropbox and CMH. I have upgraded to Ver 4.0
Looking forward to battling!
I propose a battle between mainly infantry forces... only vehicles allowed : transport (eventually armored) with MG or HMG or (limited to maximum 3) grenade launchers ... no autocannon vehicles.. or heavy tanks
I also propose : no air support (even drones forbidden), no TRP (target reference points) and also no complex AA systems (like Tunguska, armed also with deadly autocannons, that can be used against ground targets, with deadly effects).. i'm ok with less powerful ATM vehicles.. (maybe they could be less important with previous limitations.. or not ...) ... i'm also fine with 1 HE vehicle for each side, with a maximum number of 5 per side...

I have a list that i will report here

Ukrainian Army :
BTR-70, MT-LBM, PRP-4M, BRDM-2, BRM-1K (73 mm HE gun, but limited ammo and fire rate... this could be considered their battle tank) + any other ATGM vehicle i missed, armed only with AT missiles

Russian Army :
MT-LBM, PRP-4M, BRDM-2M, BRDM-2M (AT-5), Tigr (MG), Tigr (AGS 17), BRM-1k (same as Ukrainian army) + ATGM vehicles (as above for Rus Army)

Strykers : M1130, M1127, M1131, M1134 Humvee: M1151 (MG), M1151 (Mk19), M1151 (M240B), M1167 and also M1200 (Armored Knight) and M1128 Mobile Gun System (105 mm HE ) as equivalent of their main battle tank (identical considerations as above)..

I know that it may seem complicated, but i pratically avoided (in the OOB) all vehicles with auto-cannon that make infantry combat almost irrelevant.. the remaining vehicles are also deadly, but make infantry still an important factor... this shouldn't be a battle only focused on winning the anti-tank (TOW, RPG, Javelins and ATGM vehicles) vs Tank battle as crucial part of the strategy... i think that it makes battles more fun and doesn't suppress the mobile component (vehicle speed and support fire) in any case..
Let me know what do you think !
Then i (or you, if you have preferences) will propose a battlefield.
I'm also Ok for a + 15% or even + 20 % bonus in case one side fights against US Army.
And lastly : i would propose a maximum of 3 infantry squads with grenade launchers and 3 vehicles armed with grenade launchers (AGS 17 or Mk19) .. Ukrainian Army seems missing such vehicles, so we could restrict to a maximum of 5 total teams (inf squads plus vehicles armed)

Arty limited to 2 assets per side (any power) but no preplanned strike for defender (even delayed) or in ME battles (for both sides).
Unlimited on map guns or mortars or any other team (ATM, RPG, MG or HMG)..

Hope you like the rules.. i'm sure they will make for a very fun battle (i suggest a 45 min battle on medium map)
And lastly ...
force composition : at least 60 % of the points must be spended in infantry squads

.... I just noticed that i posted in the wrong forum.. i report everything in our private conversation...
Sorry for other members losing their time reading this ..
It is complicated but I am fine with it.
I am heading in to work(work evenings).
Looking forward to getting a battle started