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  1. Probus

    Favorite Title to Play H2H

    This is a little off topic, but still close enough (unless I missed a part of the forum this post should go in). What is your favorite H2H Combat Mission title and why do you like it a tad more than the others? I've been playing some CMCW and it is quickly becoming my new favorite. I think...
  2. M

    Looking for an opponent for my first H2H game

    Hi all! Been playing CM since the CM1. Recently started playing CMBN and want to play my first ever H2H game. Small to Medium in size. Anyone interested in playing an online noob? Probably be an easy win for you! Haha.
  3. B

    Sabres at Dawn AAR - BrotherSurplice vs Rinaldi (H2H)

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This is an AAR of a PBEM played with the British Forces module of Combat Mission: Shock Force. The scenario is "Sabres at Dawn" - I am attacking with a British light armoured reconnaissance force and @Rinaldi is defending with a Syrian reserve mechanised...
  4. rocketman


    My contribution to the Scenario Design Competition will be called "Winterreise". Initial ideas: Hypothetical H2H-scenario for Final Blitzkrieg which it is set in and around Dinant (Belgium) on Dec 27th. The German advance to the Meuse was beaten back when the weather cleared over Christmas and...
  5. Panzer Lehr

    Sign ups for August have begun

  6. Badger73

    Newbie questions about using cm-helper

    I am finally taking the plunge to play H2H. My opponent is known to me from the BFC forum and not currently a member of FGM. We've chosen to play the scenario "H2H Hameau". We're both new to H2H and cm-helper. He has already played one H2H game. This is the first time for me. May I ask the...