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opponent wanted

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    Oppenent required :)

    Hello good people of the forum, would any one be up for starting a few games? I have CMBN CMRT and CMFB all reacently updated. I’m not fussed on sides or scenarios, I’d just like to play against another human being. Cheers guys.
  2. U

    Newbie's first showdown

    Hello to you all, Some of you may already have forgotten about me, since I just posted my introduction a couple of weeks ago and haven't been active since then. But hey, as I stated back then, I have finally managed to set my dropbox and CMHelper 1.7.5. and I feel "ready" for my first...
  3. R

    Soviet hoard looking for games.

    Hi. I'm looking to play some games of CMRT and need opponents. I can offer quick turns (x2 per day mini) and a competitive game until the end of the scenario. I don't mind scenario games or quick battle games. Small to medium games would be better, but will consider large cool looking games...
  4. Z

    CMFI ladder opponent wanted

    Greetings all, Anyone want to play me in a ladder PBeM? Prefer scenario, not QB. Have add-on & patched, use DropBox & CM Helper. Prefer Iron difficulty. Pick a scenario, choose side you want to play & email/PM/reply here. I manage 5-10 turns a week and Play all my games to the bitter...