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Newbie's first showdown



Hello to you all,

Some of you may already have forgotten about me, since I just posted my introduction a couple of weeks ago and haven't been active since then. But hey, as I stated back then, I have finally managed to set my dropbox and CMHelper 1.7.5. and I feel "ready" for my first multiplayer experience after grasping some basic mechanichs and managing to complete Kampgruppe Engel's first mission on veteran with just 6 dead and a Stummel knocked out. Quite a feat for this crappy commander if I may say so myself.

So, getting that out of the way here is what I'm asking for. Basically a good samaritan that's willing to set a humble sized CMBN (4.0) game (talking about unit cap, as I'm not yet good enough to track large masses of men and machines) and play with a rather mediocre chair general as a baptism of fire of sorts. No need to go easy on me, maybe I'll need some help with troop selection...

And don't worry any potential adversaries, contrary to my nickname I tend to try and not be mean to people. ^^

Anyway, thanks in advance!

P.S. Will DM my email once asked no problem.
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If your willing to Play a noob like myself I would like to give it a try :)
Sure! Would you be willing to make the effort and set the game up? I'm sending my email to you right now. :D
Not really, anything suits me factions and terrain wise! Any fun scenario you know or you are curious to try will do :)