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Anyone interested in Boardgames still?


FGM Sergeant
Feb 13, 2021
I was a huge board wargamer in the 70's and 80's but once I got a PC I stopped playing them. I'm now getting back into selective purchases of board wargames for few reasons. One is it brings back fond memories. Second reason is the collectors value to me. Next is many I can play solitaire or if I'm so inclined learn the VASSAL system and play someone else.

The last reason is more out there...I have suffered power outages where I live. They weren't too bad, but they could be seen as a potential warning of what may come. I do have nice batteries that could power my laptop for quite a while as well as other person devices. I also have portable solar chargers that can recharge the batteries. Once you've taken care of your basic survival needs, (which I've already done) in a situation boredom becomes a big factor.

That's were the board wargames come into play. They will occupy me and keep my mind off things and don't require power.

I know it sounds crazy, but like I said I've already experienced power outages and when you've become accustomed to all the modern amenities of life that require electricity and you get cut off, it's a psychological shock. People have become so accustomed to their smart phones, computers, internet and Netflix that any disruption becomes a major crisis.

Recent events has demonstrated that electricity on demand is not guaranteed.


FGM New Member
Jan 2, 2021
Nashville, TN
I'm an avid boardgamer, and a number of PBEM's going at any one time. I adore ASL, especially historical CGs and almost anything PTO.
I love me some Mark Herman, Empire of the Sun is a masterpiece. Love the Gamers - OCS (though on the smaller side) and the newer Battalion Combat System. I have a number of old Victory Games titles, learning Vietnam at the moment and then might give Totaler Krieg - Dai Senso a go. Anyone ever up for a vassal game, let me know.
Gamers - OCS (though on the smaller side) and the newer Battalion Combat System

Was working a Vassal based module of Bastogne that was part of the Screaming Eagles Under Siege,18-27 Dec '44, game.
Some early work was done but didn't that the time have the know-how on creating good Vassal modules but I got better, some work done here.


of old Victory Games titles,

I never played a Victory game but thought the system would be a good bases for a CM campaign.
Can't say I like the boards, especially on Vassal, I thought they could touch them up a bit.
I even redrew one of the maps, should I say a multi map layout.



learning Vietnam at the moment

Is that a Victory scenario?

Anyone ever up for a vassal game, let me know.

Wouldn't mind giving a game a go, if you have the patience for a slow game.