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Arma 3 General Media Thread


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May 12, 2020
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Ruma, Serbia
Welcome to the Arma 3 general media thread.

From the mission played on 13.11.2022. Red and his cup.

@Bootie @Ithikial Could you please make it a pinned thread?
For tea drinking.
The most important piece of any Commonwealth kit.

In this mission we took the role of British paratroopers during Op Market-Garden. Our mission was to secure supplies for our troops but Germans had thrown friendly forces away from the nearby landing zone previous day and Allied command couldn't be contacted to change the location of the resupply drops. So we had to fight or sneak our way to the landing zone and/or raid Germans for supplies.

Team heads towards a possible German motor pool.
Arriving there we spot a 20mm Flak-gun and prepare to hit the position.
Aurelius points out targets for Concord who is also equipped with a tea cup.
Nathangun gets ready to lay suppressive fire with the Bren.
Assault is successful.
Moving into the old factory complex where the motor pool is located, a sneaky German hides behind the rubble next to the gate and shoots me in the back knocking me unconcious. Aurelius and Nathangun ventilate the guy.
And no, Redbully did not accidentally drop a live grenade at everyones feet and knock out half of the team. Why do you ask?
After securing the motor pool we gather working vehicles, fuel and some German weapons and ammo and head back to friendly positions to unload the stolen legimately sourced supplies.
We also hoist the proper colors on our new vehicles.
We also hit a nearby train station and acquire some food and medical supplies along with a MG42 armed Kübelwagen.
During a smoke break back at friendly lines Redbully contemplates if he can use the red cross marked backbag to protect his *ahem* rifle and Mills bombs.
Next we head across the river bisecting the mission area to the lost landing zone. On the way we defeat a squad of Germans and then get in to fight at the landing zone itself. The squad of Germans at the landing zone are supported by two MG armed Kübels and are a bit thougher nut to crack then the earlier opposition.

Image limit per post reached, continued in another post.
The supply drops are gathered and loaded up in our vehicles, getting ready to leave the area.
A squad of enemy reinforcements move to the area in a captured M3 halftrack. We almost slip past unnoticed, almost.
The first two of our vehicles speed past the enemy but the last Kübel comes under enemy fire. I'm driving with Red riding shotgun.
A burst from the halftrack's .50 wrecks the Kübel, kills me immediately and wounds Red. Fortunately for Red the momentum rolls the car behind a slight rise which breaks the line of fire, giving Red a chance to deal with his wounds.
Next Red activates Rambo-mode and starts to evade and escape.
The German infantry fixates on the car wreck while the M3 wastes it's .50 ammo by blindly spraying all over the place.
Only one German soldier is able to follow and intercept Red but Red quickly takes him out.
Meanwhile rest of the team has made it all the way to friendly lines, they quickly mount up again and head out to look for Red, eventually finding him.
Now at this point it's pretty much mission complete, all the supplies have been gathered and delivered to friendly troops(other than what little was lost with the Kübel).
But Aurelius(team lead) decides he really really wants to test his recently acquired Panzerfaust on a German halftrack that was spotted in a nearby town, despite intel indicating heavy enemy presence.
He didn't get to test out that Panzerfaust
The town was defended by a platoon of experienced SS troops, supported by two heavy MGs and several halftracks and armored cars.
Great screenshots Vartuoosi and a fun mission!

There's a certain flavour to these ARMA missions, which I can't quite define.
It's part exciting shooter, part milsim, and in a way, part roleplaying game.
Casual and yet at the same time challenging!
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The mission starts well with Gnarly's lack of trigger discipline causing him to shoot DoubleD's drone, causing it to explode and knocking both of them out.
Ground team moves out in Humvees, Red flies a chopper for recon and CAS.
A random race car driver in middle of nowhere.
Team stops atop a ridge and takes out the binos. Suspected insurgent camp is likely located across the valley.
We spot the camp, Red is guided to strike it, the camp is destroyed after couple of rocket runs.
We try to head to the destroyed camp to check it for intel moving through insurgent occupied town of Oreokastro but we get bogged down in the town due to overwhelming enemy numbers. Red runs out of ammo and we have to retreat from the area.
Rebel technical taken out with a hail of 40mm and MG fire by Concord and Aurelius.
We decide to head back to a Humvee we lost earlier due to it taking a burst from heavy MG to the engine to see if we can tow it back to base.
On the way we come across a rebel BRDM which is taken out with combined fires from a Carl-Gustav launcher and the re-armed chopper.
Stopping for gas.
Arriving near the damaged Humvee we get hit by a large number of rebels from nearly all directions. Turns out the Humvee was knocked out next to another major rebel camp. We need to retreat again.
We head to a nearby FOB to pick up some explosives. We try to use the cover of darkness to get in to the camp and blow it up. We succeed in taking out the camp but end up losing another Humvee.
Red lands nearby to extract us since we don't have any wheels anymore.
Back at base we stand around for a bit chit chatting before calling it a day, Aurelius climbs atop my shoulders to stand there completely unsolicited so I took a picture of his crotch.
The mission starts well with Gnarly's lack of trigger discipline.....

We decide to head back to a Humvee we lost earlier due to it taking a burst from heavy MG to the engine to see if we can tow it back to base.
On the way we come across a rebel BRDM which is taken out with combined fires from a Carl-Gustav launcher and the re-armed chopper.
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Gnarly's itchy trigger finger also bagged three of the BRDM's mounted squad, thank you very much..... ;)
This dude rammed our armored car with his normal car. The armored car won.
Body in middle of the road is a suicide bomber who tried to blow up DoubleD but failed.

Crippled BRDM gets airlifted back to base for repairs

And here is DoubleD going for a flight few weeks back
During our last outing we collected enough clues to get a decent location on a insurgent supple cache. Turns out the most likely candidate for it's location is a small military outpost supposedly abandoned after the fall of the last regime to far east.
On the way there our route takes us near another abandoned outpost. We sent our minidrone to check it out and there seems to be few armed squatters.
After clearing them out we find this gizmo in one of the otherwise empty buildings. No idea what it is, a nut for the intel squirrels to crack.
The minidrone is shot down during this and a Reaper drone from allied forces is tasked to us.
We move to block a highway that is very close to the target outpost and use the Reaper to confirm the cache location.
Techinal armed with a rocked pod usually found on helicopters speeds along the highway and attacks our vehicles but is quickly dispatched without causing any damage to us.
Next DoubleD calls an arty strike on the base. He makes a teensy tiny mistake thinking he a called a strike of 8 rounds total. Instead he calls in 8 rounds per tube. I don't remember if the battery on call is a 4 or 6 tube battery but that is still at least 32 rounds.
We move in to the outpost. There is not much left, couple sentries who were among some buildings between us and the outpost are taken out, after that it's just going over the bodies for intel. I was able to find a single survivor who I took prisoner.