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Australia & New Zealand

A squadron of Bren gun carriers, manned by the Australian Light Cavalry, rolls through the Egyptian desert in January of 1941. The troops performed maneuvers in preparation for the Allied campaign in North Africa.

This australian soldiers and a Papuan guide show off a captured Type 92 Battalion Gun and a Type 1 Juki heavy machine gun following the Battle of Oivi-Gorari, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea. 23 nov 1942.
"The Seat of the Army"
This 9th Division Corporal shows off the type of field latrine used by australian troop in front line positions at Tobruk. With typical Australian humour it was nicknamed "The seat of the Army".
Designed for use on the sandier parts of the desert, the digger would take a small shovel and dig a hole and place the "seat" over it and complete his task. Careful choice of your boghole's position was necessary to avoid detection by snipers and air attack.
New Zealand soldiers recapture a Matilda tank previously captured by the Germans, and take prisoner its German crew. It had been knocked out by an anti-tank gun after an attempt to break through Allied lines, North Africa, 3 December 1941.

Men of the 28th Maori Battalion make their way forward near Rimini, Italy, in the New Zealand sector of the Adriatic front, 19th of October 1944.