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'B' and 'C' Companies, 505 PIR, 82nd Abn., "Where are you?" (Sung to the tune of 'Car 54 where are you?")


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Apr 19, 2021
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London Ontario Canada
All sources describing the battle for the la Fiere bridge and causeway from June 6 through 9, 1944 give primary place to 'A' Company, 505 PIR, and appropriately so. The trooper/author of "No Better Place to Die" who himself fought in the front line of 3rd Platoon, 'A' Company to the left of the bridge, reports that 'C' Company and "the bulk of" 'B' Company were also present. I have not been able to find ANY sources that describe their deployments or actions. The only report I managed to find was that Brig. Gen. 'Slim' Gavin withdrew 'B' Company and attached them to 3rd Bn. 505 PIR defending St. Mere Eglise against the strong German counter-attacks there and that this withdrawal appears to have occurred after the first German counter-attack against the bridge and before the second. Does anyone out there have any other information? Not to be confused with 'B' Company 508 PIR fleeding back east across the marsh after their aborted attempt to cross to the west side to link up with Shanley on Hill 30.