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Baldur's Gate 3


FGM Captain
@Meat Grinder - no need to row back, matey materson! :D You found a fact and I agreed. All is good! :)
I only was just too lazy to write a longer answer. :p My bad.
Don't think about it any further.

Especially HERE in "our" forum/in this great place, there is no reason to hide one's extensive nerd know! :D

I also liked Baldur's Gate 2 very much - somehow missed out on part 1 when it was released.
Later I bought the "enhanced edition" of Baldur's Gate 1. Carefully I created a character, called him "Shorker"
and started my first travel to a small town. There a dodgy guy asked me if I was this "Shorker" and I said "Yes".
He instantly killed me... ! LOL!

Since then I always wanted to restart, but somehow I did not do it. One reason might be the old graphics
but mainly it is because of my strong addiction to Combat Mission and WWII/Modern Warfare.
The "Fantasy" part in me has shrunk a lot in recent years it seems. I was an active Dungeons & Dragons player in my
youth but more and more it looks like the tanks and machine guns have finally replaced the magic and the sword.
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