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Battle for Iwo Jima/Kursk

Meat Grinder

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Apr 4, 2015
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These look good. According to the review, very easy to learn and play (which I like), difficult to win. Simple, yet attractive graphics. Will run on basically anything.

You are basically playing a single battle board game against the AI on your PC.

Iwo Jima is currently $13 on Steam. Kursk is $16.

Either should give the player, in addition to the entertainment value, a greater understanding of these battles.
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Started playing Iwo Jima yesterday. It has already given me a better appreciation for what those Marines went through to take that island. The game itself is just as described in the Wargamer.com article. Easy to learn, hard to win.
I came across this game before. Well I read a review, looks impressive.

It is very much like playing a cardboard wargame, without the fuss of setting the board and counters up (and accidentally knocking them over). The turns are one day long with a number of different phases, the last one being a night phase where the Japs often launch star shells and banzai attack. So far, I like it. It's refreshing to play something like this occasionally.
Hi @Yobowargames .
Looked you up and imagine my delight to realize you're the developer for Valor & Victory!
We have a topic opened for that game and would really like to hear from you about it.
Did go to to your website and heard the audio for opportunity fire. Excellent. But you need to kill that bird. Literally.
It's louder than the guns! :p
Yep will take a few games to master. Need to use those armor units to really support your units as much as possible. Avoid moving your units needless within the enemy opportunity fire range.